Designed award-winning postcard
collection for One&Only's Palmilla
resort in Los Cabos, Mexico.


Create a personalized postcard
collection for One&Only's Palmilla
resort to use for marketing and
promotion of the property.


Capture images that showcase
the luxurious features and stunning
tropical setting that are the essence
of this legendary oasis.


One&Only sells the postcards
in their Palmilla resort gift shop. These cards serve to promote this luxury property and inspire others to consider booking a stay at One&Only’s Palmilla.


To create this collection, I scouted locations and photographed the property at varied time intervals.
Images for the postcard series were selected, and customized samples produced that aligned with
corporate identity guidelines. The concept and samples were presented in a letter, along with my
completed guest survey, to the chief operating officer, Paul Jones, One&Only Resorts in the UK.
Stating the images were “magnificent,” he authorized Pamilla’s general manager to have them
produced and sold in the resort’s gift shop. After collaborating with their retail manager to select
images, quantities and negotiate pricing, I coordinated printing of postcards and shipment to Mexico.


Designed photo book
for Amangiri which initiated
a relationship with executive
management at Aman Resorts.


Aman Resorts is one of the finest
international luxury resort companies.
Passionate about their properties and
mission I am interested in working with
them to promote the Amangiri Resort
situated on 600 acres in Canyon Point,


Design a signature photo book
of the resort using photographs
taken during my stay.


Built a relationship with Aman
Resorts executive management
through demonstration of my
photography skills and passion
for working in the luxury
hospitality industry.


As a guest at Amangiri, I photographed the property to capture architectural details, vistas, people and spaces
(kitchen, pool, spa, restaurant, reception area), designed a small ‘take-home’ keepsake photo book of the resort, and sent the book to the general manager who became interested in it as a turn-down gift on beds for guests.
A second book was submitted to Aman Resorts founder, Adrian Zecha, who was pleased that my experience
inspired the production of this book. He offered an introduction to Trina Ebert, his Executive Director, who I had
the opportunity to share my portfolio with in a meeting at Aman’s International headquarters while traveling in
Singapore. The encouragement I received from the principals at Aman Resorts has been a motivating factor
in the pursuit of my goals.


Two neighboring boutique hotels
share the spotlight as featured
on a trendy signature tote.


Showcase the Hotel Regina and
Hotel Pultizer Barcelona properties
which are part of the prestigious
Barcelona-based hotel group,
Grupo Regina Hoteles. Both hotels
are centrally located unique gems,
yet small and not well known.


Design a stylish tote bag advertising
both hotels in a non-traditional way.


Created a fashionable, two-sided tote
featuring interwoven images depicting
the timeless elegance of these two
boutique hotels. Serves as a functional
handbag and mobile advertisement.
The bag was well received by the
president and marketing director
of Grupo Regina Hoteles.


Front Panel: Hotel Regina, Barcelona

photo collage process

Photographed Hotel Regina with its old world elegance and Hotel Pultizer Barcelona with its modern design. Combine images using similar color palettes using transparencies, color blocks, numbers and logos.


Boutique offerings to capture
the essence of this jungle hideaway.
A resort shop offering fashion, accessories, and art completes the modern-day traveler’s experience
in such a remote corner of paradise.


Kanantik Reef & Jungle Resort
in Belize is a model of success
in sustainable, eco-sensitive and
low-impact design that preserves
the natural surroundings. The owner
wants to enhance the superior guest
experience with items that visitors
can bring home as reminders
of their eco-friendly stay.


Offer simple, yet beautiful journals
and travel candles for sale at the
resort gift shop or as items in a
specialty travel packages. Utilize
indigenous objects such as sand
dollar “Do Not Disturb” signs
for cabana doors.


Island and resort-inspired items
allow guests at Kanantik Reef
& Jungle Resort to preserve and
share their superior eco-tourism
travel experience at a luxury
property that that respects
its natural setting.

island inspiration

Tropical, sophisticated and yet relaxed lifestyle.

target market


Custom photography capturing the essence of Kanatik Reef & Jungle Resort.

travel accessories + door hanger

Handmade paper journal, white orchid travel candles and “Do Not Disturb” sand dollar sign.